OKC Adult Hockey League

OKC Adult Hockey League

Fall Season (August 23 to November 15)

The OKC Adult Hockey League offers several levels of play, from beginners to the more advanced player. Players are encouraged to participate at the level based on their own skill and needs. Our Adult League Commissioner, George Dupont, will closely monitor games and players to ensure that players are playing at the right level and games are kept fun and competitive.

All games are sanctioned and played under USA Hockey rules and regulations. An annual USA Hockey membership is required for participation. A portion of your USA Hockey membership fee will be going into the Zach Tay’s Memorial Scholarship Fund to support local youth hockey players and families. Games are played at both Arctic Edge Ice Arena and Blazers Ice Center, on Sunday’s, based on ice availability. It is our goal to provide players with a safe and enjoyable environment. The code of Fair Play and Sportsmanship will be closely monitored without exception.

Teams will have registered a minimum of 12 players and one goalie to their roster, with a maximum of 15 skaters per team. 

If you are registering for a particular “Team”, you must be rated to be in that respected league. You will have to register after your team “Captain” has made it known that your team will be in the league.

If you are not on a team’s roster, you can register as a free agent by selecting the option in the registration Team drop down box, ‘I am a Free Agent registering.’

If you register before the league is full, you are guaranteed a spot on a team.

If you are registering as a free agent goalie, we will do our best to find a team for you to play on.


Our leagues are based on a rating scale of 1-10. 1 being a true beginner who can barely skate and 10 being a college D-1/Pro/Tier 1 Junior Player. Ratings are determined by league reps and director. Obviously, ratings are subjective, but it at least gives us a guideline for each league.

Level D: Beginner-novice skill (These players are new to the game or have very little experience).

Your rating for this league must be between a 1-4. Average D league player is rated a 3. Sometimes a 5 is allowed on a weaker team.

Level C: High Novice to Intermediate skill level. (These players have years of experience but generally never played at a high level, or these players played low level youth hockey or started as a young adult).

The rating scale for this league is 5-7. The average High C player is rated a 6.

Level B: Intermediate-Advanced skill (These players have played youth hockey at a high level i.e. AA, AAA, Juniors, College).

The rating scale for this league is 6-8. The average B player is rated a 7. Since this is our highest level, 9 and 10 ratings are allowed to play if they are spread out.

How to Register:

Click the “Registration Link ” below. Go to your desired league and select options through the drop-down menu. Cost is $250/player. A $25 late fee will be added on after August 23, 2020.

If you are registering as a sub player, you are required to complete the player registration. You will be charged a game fee of $35 and must pay online prior to the game in which you will be playing.

Registration Link: https://tms.ezfacility.com/OnlineRegistrations/Register.aspx?CompanyID=6372&GroupID=2764799


All Games are played on Sundays.

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