Private Lessons

Interested in Private Lessons?
How do I choose an instructor?

Contact Melia Callahan, our Skating Director, at 405-596-3913

After discussing your skater’s needs, your family’s schedule, and taking a few moments to explain some of the Figure Skating Program’s guidelines, Melia will assign a figure skating professional to your skater.

The instructor assigned by the Skating Director will contact you about specific lesson times and dates.

When do I skate and how much does the ice cost?

Public Sessions
Sessions are open to the general public. Schedules are available in the front office. Pay at the front desk. $9 for admission and $3 dollars for skate rental. Ice time is paid for in addition to the instructor’s fees. Ice time needs to be paid prior to your private lesson.

Freestyle Sessions
Special ice times designated exclusively for figure skaters. Schedules are available through the Skating Director. You must fill out a contract sheet each month and pay for all lessons at front desk, you MUST sign in at the front desk  You can pay a $10 walk on rate for 30 minutes as well.  Ice time is paid for in addition to the instructor’s fees. Ice time needs to be paid prior to your private lesson! NO EXCEPTIONS!!

How much will the private lessons cost?

Private Lessons vary in price, depending on the instructor. Lessons are billed in 15 minutes icrements and our instructors’ fees range from $6-$15 per fifteen minute lesson. Lesson Fees are initially paid at the end of each lesson, and can eventually be billed by the instructor at a regular periodic interval.

Private Lesson Guidelines

Try to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your lesson. Put your skates on and warm up before your lesson begins.

Maintain regular contact with your instructor – make sure you have their home number or cell number, as well as their e-mail address. They are responsible for their own schedules, as independent contractors, and are not always at the ice arena.

If for some reason, you are not able to make your private lesson, please contact your instructor directly, with as much notice as possible.

Download Forms

All Private Lesson students MUST turn in a signed and completed before they can begin training.