FAQ & Rink Rules

Rules of the Rink

  • No fast or reckless skating
  • No racing on ice
  • No shoes on the ice
  • No holding children while skating
  • No food or drinks on ice
  • No hockey pucks or sticks on ice during public sessions
  • No throwing or making of snowballs
  • No sitting on walkers
  • No rude behavior
  • No use of any tobacco or vapor products


How Cold is it?

About 52 degrees year around

When are y'all open?

Our general hours are 9a-9p during the week and 9a-10p on weekends. Skating open to the public are only certain session times. (click here to view)

Do you guys rent skates or do I need my own?

We do rent skates if you don’t have your own. 

What size skates do you have to rent?

Smallest we have is a toddler size 6, largest is a men’s 13/women’s 14.

Is there anything that can help me skate?

We offer Training Aids(Walkers). These are $2 to rent for a session and are meant for kids 12 and under.

Do you offer skating lessons?

Yes, we have the USFSA Basic Skills Learn to Skate Classes.

What about learning how to play hockey?

We have the Kids First Hockey Program for first time hockey players. 

Do you guys do birthday parties/special events?

Yes, we offer 3 Birthday Party Packages for the perfect party. We also have private ice rentals and group pricing for all your special event needs.

Do you guys have a Pro Shop?

Sure do, our pro shop is fully stocked with the best gear and qualified and knowledgeable staff. 

Do you have a snack bar?

Yes, our snack bar has all the hot chocolate to keep you warm and food to get you game ready.